How to import a complete place into blender

  1. How do I import a complete place including terrains into blender at once?

  2. I tried export objects one by one into blender but takes a lot of time and I don’t even know how to export terrains from studios

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Try selecting everything you want and exporting that.
I don’t think it is possible to export SmoothTerrain.

You can group everything together and export the model.

For terrain, right click and export selection. However the textures will not work from my experience

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Go on studio, file > advanced > export as obj.

This turns the entire game into one single object. Depending on how big the map is you might have to wait few minutes or a few hours and you will get a message roblox studios has stopped responding. The object will be a ridiculous file size. Attached images are why you should not do this.

If you want roblox’s textures it’s located at AppData > Local > Roblox > Versions > AnyVersion# > Platform Content > pc > textures.