How to import a source animation and viewmodel into ROBLOX


I would like to know how I could import a Source Engine viewmodel into ROBLOX Studio and add it’s animations. However, it doesn’t work.

I tried exporting to ROBLOX Studio, then to Blender with a plugin, but applying the animation on the new viewmodel fails because the animation is not compatible with the new viewmodel.

Please help!

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Anyone gonna reply? This is important for my game…

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First of all, why? If you are going to use source engine you need to make sure you are getting permission or credit as it is property of valve.

second, you need crowbar to decompile the .mdl, get blender source tools addon for blender to open the smd file in blender, when you decompile the mdl it will also come with animations, then simly import the animation file in the same blender window that you imported the smd file and it will automatically attach the animation. then export it as fbx, import it as a custom character, go to the animation editor and click on it. then click on import > import from fbx and choose your exported fbx again.

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1: This is a custom source engine VM that has no affiliation with Valve.
2: Those steps are now done. I want the animations (and possible auto scaling as dealing with map-sized AK-47s is a bit annoying). Thanks.