How to import blender animation to roblox studio ( animation contain empties )

quite a complicated problem we got here…

i am making a ferris wheel model that contain animation so it could spin, basically the animation in blender is only ran by empties and i have no idea how to import animations that are only animated by empties

like you see the animation tab has no keyframes because its only ran by empties, 2 empties specifically

but i have no idea how to import it to roblox studio… I tried searching in the web and all that i’ve got is videos of people importing animations I tried doing their method but then realised that their animations have bones and not empties please help!

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Why make a animation? You can replicate the same spinning effect with 1 line in scripting.

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you are right but wrong lol , i can do that but its going to look wrong i tried uploading a video showing why its wrong but there is an error while uploading it…

unless you have the right code and i am missing up

Turn the model into a union an then for collision types emable precise convex decomposition.

I will help you later im outside rn when im back ill give you the code

no worries do what ever you want

Hello? You still here Lol ???

yes. I’m working on it right now.

Probably just use bones and use a plugin, i have seen some

Annnnd what was the script ???

So you need to import the top of the Ferris wheel separately. And the bottom separately.
Next you would put a script inside the Top part of the model (The Wheel) and inside the script you would write

while true do wait() game.Workspace.Part.CFrame = game.Workspace.Part.CFrame * CFrame.fromEulerAnglesXYZ(0, 0, 0.1) end

That’s all. Then it should be spinning infinitely and smoothly.

Oh this is optional but I suggest you do it if you want good collisions. It will allow people to go on it without having weird box collisions.

Go into the property of the bottom and top part of the ferris wheel (MAKE SURE THEY ARE MESHPARTS) and then change the CollisionFidelity to PreciseConvexDecomposition!

soooo this is whats happening…

instead of this

i have a solution in mind but its going to take a long time and i need to stick to gameplay not maps so yeah

Try this

while true do wait() game.Workspace.Partz.CFrame = game.Workspace.Partz.CFrame * CFrame.fromEulerAnglesXYZ(0, 0, 0.01) end

I changed the speed.

Also weld the wheel so it doesn’t fly away.

Why not use hinge constraints to rotate the Ferris wheel? Building a Ferris Wheel | Roblox Creator Documentation

yeah exactly this is the solution i had in mind but it going to take a bit of time so ill do it later

No No, the problem not in speed the problem is in the “chairs” look at it in the blender one and the roblox studio one, apreciate the script though

It’s not the script then. That’s just your model.

I know but there is no way i can fix that particular problem i know the script that rotated it before you put it in but i didnt know how to fix the chairs problem thats why i posted this “thread”