How to import blender mesh color and metalness

Hello, i dont know if this is the right catagory or not. But i made a mesh in blender that i costomized the color, metallic, and smoothness with. I want to know how i wouod have the color and metalness import into roblox studio.

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I don’t know of any way to export data like what you mentioned, let alone import it into Roblox studio.

I’d recommend you make separate image files for everything you need (Metalness) and uploading that to Roblox as PBR material, and then attaching it to a meshpart. I have no idea if it’ll work because I’ve never tried it myself, but have a go and tell me if it worked.

Ok, im not that expirienced with blender so ill say this. Im trying to make a head band with multiple parts thats in an accessory. But when i add the accessory to the player. The band moves to fit the players head, but not the rest of the parts of the headband. I could just have the meshes in a single mesh but then i wouldnt be able to costmize the different parts of the handband to different colors and materials because its all one mesh. So then i tried to color and texture it in blender. So i guess i need to ask how do i make it so that all the other parts of the headband stays with the band when adding the assessory to the player. Because only the band resizes and repositions to the players head. But the rest of the parts of the headband stay still and doesnt resize and reposition also.

Import the whole mesh to blender, add a UV Map (look up a tutorial or wait until I wake up tomorrow if you want me to tell you), assign a texture to your mesh and import it into Roblox studio, add the texture to the mesh (in the Roblox properties tab) and you’re pretty much done. About the materials, however… If you plan to upload your accessory to the catalog, ditch the materials. You could try adding them to the texture, but you’d have to get the material textures from a folder in Roblox’s files.