How to import model with bones to blender?

Hello there! I want to make animation in blender, but I don’t know how to import rig to blender. I tried using addon and plugin, but it didn’t import accessories, shirts and pants. But if I export model, I will not able to animate it.


There’s a ton of posts on this.


These two posts aren’t about exporting models to the blender.

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Did you watch Den_s’s tutorial on the blender plugin?

I get this result when I export my avatar:
blender error
It is without any accessory and clothing.


The plugin is very funky with like player avatars

make sure your player is called “Dummy” and all the avatars items are welded to ur character or add motor6ds on them to act as welds

but this guide

tells you how todo it


I wasn’t aware it had to be named dummy. Does that fix the issue? I’ve had it for a while.

Any idea on how I would go about exporting a Rig with a Skinned Mesh Mermaid Tail to Blender, I want to animate it in Blender and I’ve tried everything I know.

Roblox doesn’t let you export as fbx, for some reason. And I’m almost certain the blender plugin only works with motor6d’s (not bones). So I don’t think it’s possible to export a rigged skinned mesh out of studio

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Actually I found a way to do this a long ago. I just import bones using plugin and model itself and after connect all bones to each part.