How to import no background picture to gui


I have a big problem because I want add a gui with no background. It should look like this:

As you can see it doesnt have any background but everything seems okey untill I selected to my Gui then it looks that

Here a picture for visualize everything much better!

Now the left Decal what you can see on the picture is a part with decal texture, the right thing is how it shoud not look like!!!

I have seen a lot of guis but I cant exactly figure out how they did it without background like this picture:

How did he import this to roblox?

Thanks for everyone. I seriously dont know if somoene answer me in help and Feedback therefore I will upload this in development discussion too therefore dont worry.

Kind Regard,


Check the BackgroundTransparency of the ImageLabel and set it to 1. that’s the one who add Background Color of an image.

Also make sure the Image you’ve uploaded is a transparent picture (.PNG?)

I think I uploaded with png because other roblox does not support