How to import resource programmatically instead of manually clicking a button on a web page

If I want to use game.InsertService:LoadAsset(assetId) this function, I use the resources provided Roblox or resources to use in my Inventory, or we’ll following this mistake.

If I have a large number of resources to import, it is very tedious to click one by one to add them to Inventory. If I change the account development project, then I have to do this boring and repetitive thing again. Is there an Api that can programmatically realize clicking this button on the webpage?

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game:GetObjects('rbxassetid://...')[1].Parent = workspace (only works in studio, insertservice should work on live servers anyways iirc)

Anyway, this method works, although it is a deprecated method, but at least I can import it in bulk in studio.

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