How to import .smd (Source Engine Animation) into Roblox Rig in Blender?

I’ve wanted to import an animation from a Source Engine game, which’s format is labeled as “.smd”, into default Roblox dummy rig in Blender

Okay, so i’ve put dummy rig into Blender without any errors using the “Blender Animations Plugin for Roblox”, i’ve rebuilt the rig with “Roblox Animations Plugin for Blender”. The rig works, woohoo!
I have the animation file, the .smd one which i exctracted from a Source Engine game.
But here is the problem… No one ever questioned this in devforum or other sites, How to import .smd file into Roblox rig in Blender, and make the animation work properly with the rig?

I tried converting the .smd file into .fbx and then importing the .fbx file into rig using the same animation plugin, but no progress

My guess is that something is wrong with rig’s part names. Or the problem is that the model which uses my .smd animation cannot be synchronized with dummy rig since its a source engine model and it does not have “RightHand, RightLowerArm, RightUpperArm and etc.”

If somebody has a suggestion, i would appreciate having a chance to hear it.
ANY kind of help is appreciated.


I’m in the same boat as you here, I’m trying to port animations from HL2’s Strider to Roblox for curiousity’s sake, but the rig keeps screwing up, it might be blender, it might not be, we’ll just have to see or wait til someone figures it out. However I remember when this stuff was first revealed, someone made the HL1 Scientist. So perhaps try looking into that.

Probably the only way you can import these animations is with their models. For example HL1 Scientist.
You get the model, you get it’s animations and you import them (somehow)
I already dont even think that its possible to import smd animations onto classic roblox dummy

Sorry for the late reply, I have all the bones and whatnot for the model, I ported the model myself, and it has all the proper bones, but the only problem is that the bones are warped in some cases, and animations are screwed.