How to improve engagement through sponsorships for my game?

Hi all,

I am attempting to utilize the “Sponsored Experiences” feature to help market my game across a larger player base. I have traditionally used normal ads, leading either to the group that the game is hosted on or the game itself. However I would like to take my player activity to the next level by giving sponsorships a try!

My dilemma is that I have experimented with Sponsored Experiences in the past, and I’ve had extremely limited success. For example, some of my lower performing CTR ads have lead to better improvement in player activity for my game per R$ spent when compared to using a sponsorship.

When I ask some of my fellow game development friends, they tell me that sponsorships have proven to be extremely useful for them. I’m not doubting their advice, seeing as sponsorships allow games to be featured directly on game sorts. I believe that’s a pretty valuable spot to target players with a game. Why is it then that I am receiving little to no luck with them, and are there any tips to boost the amount of engagement per R$ I get from sponsoring my game?

Attached below is an example of the statistics from a full-day (24 hour) sponsorship I ran on my game. As you can tell, it’s very underwhelming.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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can i see game icon please???


It looks a bit generic try and make it look very unique

also dont use all the robux on just one day.

Cafe’s aren’t very popular sponsoring-wise. The thumbnail is outdated, it looks like it’s from 2018. You should definitely get a new one.

Follow my and @johncena12345678953 ’s advice, and you should get more CTR.


Alright. In terms of sponorsing not being well-suited for cafes, do you think I should stick to ads? I have noticed ads have been less helpful recently – not sure why. It feels like with every ad I run, the less benefits I receive.

I feel like ads ae better for roleplay games.

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How much should I allocate then?

Sponsor your game, advertise your group. That’s probably the best option for you.

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What about budget allocation? What should the ratio be for the two?

It depends. Do you want more people to joint the group, or do you want more people to play the game?

More people playing & engaging in the game.

Maybe 55-75% to the game, and 25-45% to the group.