How to improve my build


Heyllo, I am currently making a fighting game ( a realistic one based on a martial art who dont exists, lol ), but uh, whatever…
I would like to know how to improve my build, which details to add…
Also, can you rate it on a scale from 0 to 10,



Very nice! However I suggest making the entire room a bit larger as it looks a bit small.

Perhaps you could also add details in the background such as training equipment.

8/10 :+1:


Perhaps randomise the floor boards a bit more in size, kinda like the wooden board texture you have in the middle. Makes it look nicer I find.


Would you mind disclosing what the inspiration was? It’d help give us a better understanding as to what style you’re mimicking.


Fighting style is kinda like Karate, but it dont follow follow exactly Karate moves, it just looks like.
Also, the ring I made belong to no existant sport.


Lighting is super effective
I would use different colours for the ring as the blue and red look a bit too light-hearted for the rest of the setting. Also, try and use smaller parts as from a builder’s point of view you can see how simple it was to make in terms of brick count.


To me it looks like a boxing ring, not necessarily important though you could make it less bland? If you’re going for a simplified design than I’d just follow @PieRicky ‘s suggestions.

To me simplism just doesn’t catch my eye as i’d rather fight in a arena like this:


Yeah, nice idea, but I’m looking for something more realistic.
The arena you show me would be great, for another game.


Perhaps make stairs up to that (even though the players do not have to go up them, just for design, and realism purposes), also you could make the (in ring)poles to be more realistic unique, and modern, by giving it a low-poly look with a slight curve forward. I would also choose granite for the floor texture as well(colored black). However, you have done a great job! 7.5/10


Add Posters/Signs to the walls to make them less bland.


6.5/10 :slightly_smiling_face:
Personally, it’s good to see that you have created your own flooring, instead of using a flat part with a material on it. Also, the lights that you have are really nice too, you might just want to minimise the glow by adding a very transparent SmoothPlastic part below it with the Institutional White color.

I would recommend looking at creating the ring more inviting, by adding in some chairs, tables, pictures whether necessary. You could also look at other showcases and get some tips for how they effectively create an underground feel.

Overall, it’s a nice build, and with some more added details to give it the desired vibe, you’ll be on your way to having an awesome boxing venue!


It’s very nice and I can suggest some tubes or like wires up in your roof to make it look like a bit realistic although that I can give a 8/10. Good job! :+1:

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Hello @Ehaltar,

I feel like this build is far from complete but with time and effort it could look amazing, from the current position of the build it is rated 5/10 however don’t think it is bad, I gave it a 5/10 because there is just not enough detail at this point and it could have a lot improved on.


  • Add more lighting to the build, it feels very dark
  • Add more detail, to the ring, the building itself and the flooring
  • Use different materials/textures to make different parts look better
  • Add different props like tables and chairs

Tick list

  • You now have a base to improve on
  • ring is starting to take some shape

The build as a whole could be improved, but it is possible, with a lot of time and dedication you can make this build awesome.

Final Thoughts:
Read threw the improvements list, work threw them and then improve what you think could be improved

Little note:
Good luck on the build!


I’d suggest perhaps making the fighting stage have “spotlights” on it, making it easier to see. Ontop of this, you should use “Bloom” lighting option, to turn down the neon, as it seems a little too bright.
Also, a good idea would be to add some viewing chairs at the side.

The build seems very simplistic, which I assume is the style you are going for - but I’d recommend adding more detail to the walls especially. Maybe add a few bricks or posters.

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Depending on how big you want the room to be, try to make it a bit larger in size.Also, try to use a scale NPC that will be used to determine the height of a Robloxian to help determine how tall you should make an object.


maybe make the walls more detailed and make it so the room has more in than just the boxing ring but it also has ton’s of stuff all over the place like maybe add posters drinks maybe seats for spectators

if the boxing ring in the picture is a training area add exercise equipment every
where like a boxing bag or something

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I think you should add some grandstands, that would make the place look less empty.
However I really like the place! 7/10


I’d give this a good 6.5/10 with what it currently is. What I would try to do is try and add posters around the wall. And maybe add stuff around the building like wires. A little to what @stormdrops is saying.

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