How to improve my buildings?

I’m working on a city(keeping it Timeless, so I can add whatever I want) but I’m bad at building. I can only create really basic builds.

How can I improve my building? I’ve included a picture of one of my buildings as an example.


Just build more and more for your own practice. When you will feel that your buildings are neat, you can start working on serious projects.

My personal building style

I also was in the same situation where I couldn’t build anything at all. Then I saw this video, which was like a gasp of fresh air:

But I wouldn’t recommend building like this, since your place will get filled with hundreds of parts that can hurt performance. But if you want to build like this, turn on LegacyOutlines and ShadowMap.


Just looking at the front section by itself, here are a few simple things that quickly come to mind:

  1. Add frames for the windows and door, so they aren’t directly touching the grey parts of the building. This will also allow you to add some varying color that contrasts the flat grey a little bit.
  2. Make the two sides symmetrical. The length of windows on the left half of the building don’t match that of the right side. For this you could just delete one of the sides and then use a plugin to mirror it.
  3. Make the trim on the edges the same width. If you look at the top left corner of the building, the two parts that connect there are different widths. Likewise with the part just above the top window, and that of the part directly below the bottom window.

I’d recommend you use the SBS building plugin rather than default studio tools, which comes with added features that will save you a lot of time and headache.


Building Suggestions / Tips


Becoming a “Good” builder takes time. In-order to achieve a Build style YOU like, you must practice w/ Different Build Styles. Detail Wise; you must implement little details, or big details, and see how it fits with your build style.

It seems your build is Bland, and very Uneven. There are 2 simple ways of fixing both of the big/minor issues.

Solutions #1

Fixing the Uneven parts of the build.

  • As suggested by @fourpapa1; You could use the quite popular mirroring/building plugin which is linked here; Studio Build Suite - Roblox. I’ve used it once or twice, and it’s a very great plugin, in my opinion, it’s very simple and readable and it’s very useful in MOST cases.

Fixing the Blandness/Detail

  • A good start to detail is making the building small, for more room to work with while detailing. For example; your building is quite the large building, but if you shorten it to around 50% of what it is so far, you’d have a small space to detail, but a higher detail rate if that makes sense.

  • Try adding curves/corners to your buildings to make them pop-out more, or try to add signs to the buildings, EXAMPLE;

Try to make the building pop more instead of just making it a tall tower with windows.

Hopefully, this helped you in some way, Goodluck with your city and have a great day!


It’s okay to understand and to improve your building; because practice makes perfect for everyone! You can try getting inspiration and practice more to improve your building skills, making sure how details work, how styles and decorations would look and how the design is right. You can add properties to your building, like adding materials, colors, transparency, etc.

Getting motivations and inspiration by the people who built their creation is a nice way to understand how building skills you’re learning. As for the good builders, they make their good progress by their creations, and creativity brings more imagination to the life that everyone has created.

Once you’re proud of your building skills and your progress, your progress will look great for your creations! :hammer:

Remember; always stay creative by your progress, and I wish you a good luck for your project! :+1:


Thanks for your suggestions! I will definitely use them! I’m thinking about dividing a building into 4 smaller sections, work on one and then mirror it.

Thanks for your support! It will help me in my journey!

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He asked how to become a better builder; meaning he want’s to LEARN to build in Roblox, a 3rd party software is helping anything, just making the process longer and harder.

Most blender users focus building more complex things in Roblox studio, then transferring it to Blender, or C4D for polishing. If you were new to building (which I’d assume>), would you want someone to tell you "hey take even longer and hop completely off the subject in a way, and learn a different software.

Nada, I think not. Yes, I somewhat understand your blender point but it’s not 100% proof.