How to improve player count? Please Help!

So i’ve been stuck at 50 - 100 cc daily. Alot of players have told me the game has ALOT of potential but it neve shows because it never grows, Im a sole dev, no free models and all, I’ve tried everything.

I need tips on improving player count through retention, playtime how to make people invite others etc!.

I do not want to completely change the face of my game though, its a basketball sports game and I do not want it to be akin to a cash grab simulator!

heres the link to the game, I’ve tried my hardest, tips and help appreciated!


Well to start, you put this in the incorrect category (#help-and-feedback:creations-feedback).

The thumbnail could do some work, it isn’t really eyecatching to me.

im not the best gfx artist, but i’ll try to make a better one

The thumbnail could use more “appealing colors”, but the GFX is fine.

I see, what colours do you recommend, what do you think would catch your eye?

like i need to know alot more things like the ideal focus point, colours, if I need the games logo on it?, do I need text?, camera angle?, night or day on the thumbnail?, 3d or 2d?

Focus point - the most “exciting” point of the thumbnail (in your case, likely the area where the hoop/ball is)
Colours - Orange & black because… basketball (+green and/or blue as these colours statistically have higher CTRs)
Include a logo? - No, the logo won’t mean anything to the new players you’re looking to attract so it would just distract them from the rest of the thumbnail
Include text? - No, again, this takes the focus away from the important parts of the thumbnail and in most cases makes the thumbnail look less professional
Camera angle - Perhaps an over-shoulder view of the character shooting the ball into the hoop? this way, the player would imagine themself as the character
Day or night - Day, night just means the thumbnail will be darker and therefore (in most cases) less attractive / won’t stand out
3d or 2d - 3d if your game is somewhat realistic (in terms of graphics), 2d if it is quite unrealistic (if it looks like a “classic” roblox game)

They’re just my opinions though :wink:

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What separates your basketball game from others? I played a bit and I’d say overall the game is pretty good, however when I looked at the recommended tab, I noticed 5 other basketball games ranging from 50-2000 players. For player retention you could try maybe something like every 5 minutes you get a couple coins or secret things hidden around the map which give a cool flair. Another idea is hosting events which give a limited time item, also I’m not sure if you already have this and I just didn’t see it, but daily tasks could also work. For getting others to invite friends maybe coins for every friend invited and at certain number of friends such as 10 invited they get an exclusive hat.

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gotcha, thanks! will def be using these

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what makes my game different is ALOT, it doesnt take itself seriously, its not a serious basketball game, it looks cartoony, it is cartoony, more of an arcade type, and it doesnt use all the rules when it comes to basketball, there are eatereggs arent the map, not many people have found them, I did a daily reward streak thing as an attempt to increase retention, I do have careers people can do for limited time items, there are daily contracts, the game gives you $10,000 ingame if you invite a friend to the game. I’ve tried all of them!

Collaborate with content creators and make ads.

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ads are the reason why the game is where it is right now, and a two youtubers have mad a vid of the game

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Continue then. If it works well, amplify the effort. You don’t always have to find a “better” method.

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i’ll be honest with you, I do not trust ads currently, it fills my game with alot of bacon accounts that have gibberish for usernames?, It’s not trustworthy so I stopped

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It’s normal. Most ad clickers, especially when the campaigns are directed towards children, are very young and naive players. They wouldn’t have Robux or even know how to change their avatar. Have you tried other types of ads such as immersive and sponsorships?

uh, immersive and sponsors are the ones giving me the problems?, they just boost my player count by 300 then disappear in 5 minutes, spending all my ad credits in less than a minute, then my player count does back to normal. Not over the span of several days, all of this happens in 10 minutes!

There are currently no medium of ads where it splits the credits evenly and allows me to choose the age group, because I cant choose an age group in “europe” even tho im in the caribbean

Consider classical ads. Thumbnails, skyscrapers and box ads. They function according to the traditional setup.

alright ill try that. hopefully it works

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