How to improve player retention?

So, I have a game Blox Royale - Roblox.

Its doing fairly well but the D1 retention is a pathetic 5%, im wondering how I can increase this to 10-15%? I already have daily quests and other daily things.

This is currently (i think) the only bottle-neck besides localization that is stopping the game from getting a bigger playercount.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!


One thing I’d suggest is polishing up your terrain and lobby area. It currently has lots of issues.

I can fall through the water area:

Note the strange terrain “wall” and stray piece of land marked in red:

Immersion is easily ruined from inside the lobby with no glitches.

Terrain is very rushed and blocky, not to mention the tree being see-through.


Terrain is so flat to the point where it’s see-through:

  • Menus randomly decide to either come from the left or the right and it takes way too long for it to center. It makes it really hard to quickly navigate between menus. Consider making it instant or at least quicker than what you currently have.

As a synopsis, please consider polishing up your environmental design, among other issues. It’s a good game, just needs some work.


I’ll go ahead and make some changes to the environment and make the menus faster! Thank you!

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Just wondering if it could possibly be something with the tutorial being too slow/too complicated?

Some notes about your game

  • The first 7 seconds of the game should show the fun part. Instead, this game has a loading screen and a slow, obtrusive text box as its first impression. By the time the 7 second timer is up, many new players will already be on their way out.
  • I’m not a fan of the music. It took awhile to figure out how to turn it off.
  • The tutorial made it seem as if the rounds would be finished quickly. However, my first 1v1 with a real player was a back and forth of spamming the unit button for 5 minutes. Things went better once I figured out the lootbox system, but by that point many would already have given up on the game.
  • The method for finding 1v1s (walking into a door off to the side) is not clearly conveyed
  • The “Tutorial” box blocks a huge portion of the screen. It even blocks other guis, preventing the game from functioning until you take the effort to deal with the chore that it has asked you to do.