How to Improve this UI

I pretty much like how this UI looks, but since I’m not a professional UI Designer, and just made this by feels, and not rules, I’d like someone who IS a professional UI Designer to make suggestions on what to change and improve here.

I want a cool futuristic vibe.


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dont improve it, remake it


You should re-angle the cars, and make them smaller to fit more inside the gradient.
Also, remove the spawn button gradient, and make it shorter on the X axis.


The way it looks is fine! But, to me it depends on how it’s organized and overall how easy it will be to script. It’s not organized if it has one of these:

  • Two frames with the same name
  • Positioned and sized using roblox’s default UI tool
  • Inconsistent UI design
  • Things you want to iterate should ideally be contained
  • Something else that makes it harder to script this UI

WOW that’s some really good feedback we need more people like this on the forum who give the best feedback and totally specify what should change


I think the colours of the font do not match well with the colour of the frame, and the font does look a bit out of pocket.

I’d use this colour palette picker that shows a lot of matching colours that fit nicely with each-other. Since you’re currently using a deep blue, or blueish colour range, you should find a similar colour scheme on the picker I’ve recommended above.

As for the font, I think some messing around with size and outline should go well. I recommend ditching an outline altogether for a more modern look.

Hope this helps :+1:

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