How to improve Winter map?

I am currently developing a realistic game and i’m working with the terrain tools to achieve this; i feel like somethings missing but i can’t quite pin it down. Any feedback or improvements i could make?

Image 9

Image 8

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Any tips are appreciated :slight_smile:


You can adjust the lightings to fit the genre of your game, maybe. If your game is a horror game, add a darker lighting with greyish fog. If your game is a pvp game, add some kind of idk. etc.

Yea i’ve already thought about this and I added lighting already, it’s just not visible because I use Rendeing: 5

Maybe add some snowy trees and some assets which fit, for example igloos.
But the map looks really good so far!

Maybe some lighter colored grass, but maybe also:

  • Trees with snow on them
  • Trees with just branches
  • Rocks with and without snow
  • Houses with snow on the roof and steam coming out of a chimney
  • A campfire in the cave and some sleeping bags
  • Some animals with AI if you want to make it feel more alive along with some NPC villagers
  • Some flowers, crates, igloos, broken down castle, maybe an ice sculpture

What type of game are you making? Or is this a showcase?


I was expecting feedback on the landscape because i have yet to add props but thanks i will consider it!

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Woah detailed feedback! I will definitely add an igloo

Is there anyway for grass to be a lighter color cause the color is RGB(255,255,255)

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I don’t think there is. You could use brightness and saturation, but that would change everything.

Welp, ill just try making everything dull a bit and adding a color correction effect, thanks for the advice though

Try to mesh terrain with pbr. Trees with pbr.

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