How to increase awareness to other game modes

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I am 18 hours into my first 24 hour ad buy, and I’ve noticed a few curious things going on in my game - Magic World The game has ten different game modes to play inside, ranging from a “monster catcher/RPG”-style game, to a 2D platformer, overhead dungeon explorer, a soccer-like game, mining/crafting, and traditional FPS modes. Your stats and skill gains in one game, carry over to the other game modes.

How can I increase engagement further?

I’m finding that the majority of players never leave the Lobby. Less than 10% leave the Lobby. While the Favorites are going nicely, the Up/Down vote ratio is worrisome. The player engagement is varying wildly, from users staying in just a few minutes, to those staying in much longer. I assume the ones staying longer are the ones that check the other game modes. There is a button on the left that says “GAMES”, a “Talk to Me for Tutorial” guy, a Tutorial button, and for first time players a “CLICK ME” button that forces a short tutorial.

I’m wondering if I should combine elements from the more popular game modes into the Lobby and spin off the less popular game modes.

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I am currently mobile and will check out your game later today, (also note I am not to experience in making games :stuck_out_tongue:) but I have a suggestion.

Since most of your players don’t leave the lobby. Instead of making a tutorial, try to have a GUI that shows the different games you have. Try to grab their attention beforehand they leave the lobby. If you can get a player to find a game mode they like, they will try it out and hopefully stay.

Good luck on your game, hoped this helped!

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Thank you! :slight_smile: All feedback is much appreciated! The tutorial GUIs do show the game modes a player can choose from, and the Games button shows a colorful image.The boxes on the right fill with screenshots/info about the game when they hover over it.

Granted, its possible that players just enjoy the house building and property claiming elements of the Lobby and have no desire to leave, but I’d like to encourage them to try the other game modes too. Or, if I need to combine some of them into the Lobby setting and expand that further.

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I saw your ad, and decided to check the game out. (as I love seeing new Roblox games!) However, my experience was less then satisfactory. I’ll list my complaints.

  1. The most major issue of all. I was completely unable to get into the game, as I was stuck on a loading screen. This may be able to explain why only 10% can actually get into a game

  2. My FPS is hovering around 40, dropping to the mid 20s occasionally. Although my device may be low-end, I have no problem playing most games. Your game should be able to run on any device to be able to reach a larger audience.

  3. This is a minor issue, but the game select page UI looks pretty inconsistent.


I am quite certain that less than 10% people leave the lobby due to the lag.

I had to wait for quite a while after the loading bar goes up to 100%. When I spawned, I found out that the game’s lobby alone used 1500MB of memory on my client. I stayed on the lobby for about 10 minutes (doing nothing), and the number goes to around 1650MB. There might be a memory leak.

I’ve never seen any front page game use this much memory before, especially if the building is sparse. It was quite taxing to run the game on my decent computer and I could not imagine how the experience would be for users with a lower end device.

Since you use images for text in your GUIs, it might be wiser to preload them in the loading screen. The reason why 10% of the people went to play other game modes is maybe because some of the GUI are not visible until is loaded. For example:

This is a screenshot for my first time playing the game. The game modes are not visible for a minute. My subsequent visits to the game are better, with the images loaded within 10 seconds (caching?).

The final complaint is when I am picking a game, I have to wait 10 to 30 seconds for the lobby to load the a game that is in another place. It shouldn’t be this long.

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All together not a bad game. I have a decent connection and computer, thus I was able to get into the game just fine. As a side note maybe fix some bugs :wink:
(Top right corner)

Other than that I would look to reduce the amount of lag in your game. You have to focus on your audience, most kids will not be playing roblox with a GTX1080

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Thank you for this!
Funny thing about that problem in the upper right, only seems to affect the first player in the server, not the subsequent ones. x_x Every time I’ve tested it, the first player gets the horizontal player listing, but everyone else receives vertical listing.

Looking at ways to reduce lag now, this is the first I’ve heard of “memory leaks”, being a thing. :smiley: Lucky me for not knowing before. I assume this is why Roblox Studio sometimes jacks up the Memory to 1.5-8GB at times? Memory Leaks?

Thank you!
I haven’t been experiencing these delay errors on my end. I assume due to faster rigs? But this is excellent to know. I never ran across memory leaks before and assumed the occasional slow down was due to LUA/Roblox. Whoops. Taking up to 1500MB+ of memory is not a good look.

Is there a way to locate where the memory leaks are occurring? The Lobby file itself is the largest, 12,300KB, while the other game modes range from 1.5-6.9KB in size.

Memory leaks are caused from:

  1. Scripts using Part:Remove() instead of Part:Destroy().
  2. Something is being cloned / “Instanced” but NEVER gets removed.

Also, make sure there are no viruses, Corrupt script(s), backdoors, etc… allowing scripts you did not create to do anything they want. These can be found in: Plug-Ins, Models, etc… Or someone dumb enough to insert a script in your game using team create.

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