How to increase level cap?

I want to increase the level cap higher than just 400. I don’t know what to do though. Here’s a link to the scripting I used (credits to precious beam) Also its not outdated. He just prefers a better system he made.Roblox Studio : How To Make Stats System [Outdated] - YouTube

On line 60 of “Data” change the following line:

if Exp.Value >= (100 * (Levels.Value + 1)) and Levels.Value <= 399 then


if Exp.Value >= (100 * (Levels.Value + 1)) then

If you want to still have a level cap, just make it higher, use the first line and just change 399 to whatever you want the highest level to be minus one (Or change <= to < and just put the highest level).

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Tysm! It really helped. Let me go try it!

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Turns out I accidently deleted the line data by accident. That explains why I have a lot of bugs

Wait line 60 is Luck.Name = “Luck”

That’s line 45 for me, I took the model straight from the video you provided.

Wait wrong kit sorry heres the actual one Roblox Studio : Stats V2 + Datastore [Outdated] - YouTube

theres like 3 so i got mixed up

Data line 154, the same code as I provided already will work.


Yall brains are in a whole different speed lol-

After enough time reading through code, you can find exactly what you are looking for pretty quickly. (If it is confusing or poorly written it may take longer, but that kit is extremely basic.

Alright thanks :smiley: (adding the this part so I can post it because of the 3O character or above to post)