How to increase like/dislike ratio?

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A game I am a part of has been rising in player count recently. One issue is however that our like-dislike ratio is going down quite a bit. From my understanding, if you’d get 20 likes, and 10 dislikes, the ratio would go say 50$. I concluded this from RTrack.

In our community server, we don’t necessarily see or hear things that cause the ratio to go down.
Same thing for group wall.

Tldr; how to improve like/dislike ratio, we don’t know what it is from the community.

It’s probably due to how punishing some features are.

Do you mean like getting arrested?

Yeah, that is if its hard to escape the prison again. plus the police campers

Like increasing like/dislike ratio, can be a bit difficult unless you find out the cause of it.

  • You must make sure your game is fun and people enjoy it.
  • You must make sure there’s no game breaking bugs.
  • You must make the game playable like making it not so difficult to do sertain parts
  • You must make sure the game fits the game name, so no players get’s confused.
  • Make sure the game isn’t an copy of another game so players won’t hate on yours.

tbh most people dislike roblox games when they’re too hard or when they’re bad at them, like/dislike ratio does not influence your rank in search results


When I joined the server, there are a couple of things that I noticed:

  • The “Help” tab is just religious content, not that I hate it, its just that it doesn’t help you with anything.
  • When I selected “Prisoner,” the entire prison was a literal warzone. Perhaps the reason you’re getting so many dislikes are from players who just spawn in, die, repsawn, die, and leave.
  • I wasn’t too sure what to do, sure, I could’ve spent more time in the server(I was in there for like 6 mins), but I’m sure people are leaving because they don’t know what to do.

Wasn’t this called Prison Life 2? I once looked at the group wall and a lot of people were unhappy with the rebrand. That might have to do with it.

Edit: it says that im blind

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