How to increase replayability in a story game?

Hello, so I have a story game (not published yet) and I would like to know how I can increase replayability, since people usually don’t play story games more than one time. The game has hard mode, which in my opinion should definitely increase replayability, but I want to know how I can increase it more (if there is anything I can actually do)

So yeah I would appreciate your opinions, thanks!


Maybe try different endings by what you have done during the story. This will make players play again (assuming its not too difficult) to get the new ending.


Event endings

Secret badges

Rejoin leaderboards

Speedrun leaderboard?

Hope this helps


i made a story game and heres how i went for replayability:

  • cosmetics
  • multiple endings (not just 2)
  • collectibles (multiple)
  • lots of badges
  • secrets and easter eggs

End-game content, like some DLC

when you finish all lore, if somehow the player did 100%, or something specific to unlock it, then it will appear something new or some event ( this is where your creativity will get high, since you need to think alot on new contents, the limit is your limit


Do you remember Minecraft story mode? Every now and then you would get to make game changing decisions, so for example if in chapter 1 you selected option A your results in chapter 2 would be different from a person who chose option B in chapter 1. Make something like that.


Just make it really hard and p2w


Either try something that has to get the player to come back (Multiple Endings) or make something secret that people have to discover (Secret Ending),similar to that of Break In.
If you don’t want to go for endings I suggest going for badges,achivements,etc.

If you still don’t want any of this you can change the way your story game behaves.Where people have to work together to make progress or discover things on their own in order to influence the ending/direction the story is going.


Here’s a few ideas.

  • Badges for doing parts of the story exceptionally well. The harder this is, the more likely someone is to attempt it, but too difficult will make people shrug their shoulders and not even try.
  • If parts of the story can be ‘scored’, total it up at the end and reveal how well players did. Make the reward for a ‘perfect’ run grand enough to make people want to replay it several times to get it.
  • There isn’t a name for this, so I’ll just describe it. Near the end, there’s a door with a blue keyhole. At the start of the game, a blue key is visible out of bounds, but maybe needs a box to be pushed to go get it. An observant player will realize this, and play again to bring that key to the end.

Make roles, like you can be a different job or something and you get something with that role

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A few people have said this already, but I suggest you pull a LEGO and add secret collectibles you can get. Maybe give them a badge if they collect them all.