How to increase the HTTP 100 item limit (SOLVED)

Hey guys, I’m having some trouble with HTTP using roblox API. Currently, I’m trying to load the information, as fast as possible. To do this, I combine all the categories. This works, however I am having major issues with being capped to the first 100 items. Is there a way I can increase the limit or a workaround the limit that’s still fast?
this is the URL I used for the HTTP request:

["Avatar"] = ""..UserId.."/inventory?assetTypes="..AvatarList.."&itemsPerPage=100",

Currently My total code is:

        local AvatarItems = {
			"Pants","Shirt","Hat","Face","Gear","Place","Audio","Face","Package","Animation","Torso","RightArm", "LeftArm", "LeftLeg", "RightLeg","HairAccessory","FaceAccessory","NeckAccessory",

		local AvatarList = table.concat(AvatarItems, ",")
		local urls = {
			Avatar = ""..UserId.."/inventory?assetTypes="..AvatarList.."&itemsPerPage=100"
			local data = Http:GetAsync(v,true)
			data = Http:JSONDecode(data)
			print(data) -- limits to first 100

(btw changing the “&itemsPerPage=100” to a higher number than 100 has no effect.)


I had just responded to your previous post that you replied to me about this. How does Roblox HTTP work? - #14 by Kaid3n22

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That API endpoint’s query string has an optional ‘cursor’ parameter, each page has its own unique cursor, you can retrieve a page’s cursor by looking at the ‘previousPageCursor’ and the ‘nextPageCursor’ fields of the returned JSON response.