How to insert a model that you don't own

So, last year I wanted to make a game like Scribblenauts, a game where you type words and they come to life, but instead you search for free models to use.

The problem is that InsertService:LoadAsset() can only load models made by me and Roblox. Which I don’t get because you can insert any free model from the toolbox

I haven’t found any possible solutions yet, I just wanted to see if this was possible.

Also, I know that this isn’t that good of an idea since free models can have viruses in them and lots of unnecessary parts that can crash the client but, I just wanted to make the game for fun.

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I don’t think you can or at least it wouldn’t be a good idea. Like you said a lot of free models have viruses. I think it would be best to store the spawnable objects someplace in your game and when the player types out the noun have a script search for an object with that name or similer.


InsertService has this restriction for security reasons. Even if a model is free, you must explicitly own a model that InsertService attempts to insert. You owning a model effectively gives it permission to be inserted into your game and that you acknowledge the risks of allowing arbitrary inserts. Without that permission, InsertService will reject the attempt. Models can be infected with malicious code so by this token, arbitrary insertions can’t be allowed.

You will not be able to do this at all.