How to install packages with rojo?

I’m new to rojo and I can’t figure out how to install a package into a rojo project. Google is unhelpful
Currently, i’m trying to install ReplicaService in my project. Here’s what the documentation says:

By the way, the video link doesn’t work
Can anyone provide a step-by-step instruction on how to do this? Particularly, help with using the terminal. I do know what a repository is and all that but I never really used the terminal to do anything


Just get the src folder and drag everything into their respective folders



What about the “Rojo configurations”?

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I say screw the rojo configurations, make your own!

Stop trying to control everything and just let go

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Astral isn’t being very helpful here, so here’s how to do it properly:
You’ll want to use Wally, a package manager designed specifically for Roblox.
You can follow this installation guide here:

Then, in any Rojo project, create a wally.toml file (Like I did here: rbx_game_template/wally.toml at release · StevieGoodman/rbx_game_template · GitHub).
You can import both ReplicaService and ProfileService by searching them up on the Wally website and placing the copiable code inside under the “dependencies” header.
Once saved, run wally install and you’re good to go!
You’ll need to set up your packages directory up with Rojo, but you can view my template to get some idea of how I do that.


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