How to interact with other places?

I wanted to make a zombie fighting game, and today I wanted gamepasses to interact with places. So when someone buys a gamepass, earn/purchase points, they will be able to receive what they wanted in the other game/place. But I don’t know how. What do they use?

This is a little confusing wording, and not sure this is right. You can include gamepasses and other things in the game itself. Plus, this seems like a bad idea.

As of writing this, there is no way inside of Roblox to transfer datastore saves/data between games*. Here are some things you may want to consider:

  • Use place universes - if you don’t mind having the place you want to “interact” with inside the main place then you can use GlobalDatastore.
  • Use HTTP service. I am not too experienced with this one, but I’m sure that if you look around on devforum there are some options.

As for gamepasses, the place that the gamepass belongs to is irrelevant because MarketplaceServer:UserOwnsGamePassAsync() works for all games.

P.S, please make sure that you search devforum before replying to topics. I made a topic on this a while back: How can I transfer data between games?

(* without using http)

I don’t want the gamepass items be in the lobby, because I don’t want players be having weapons when they aren’t suppose to.

Can you explain what the gamepasses are?

I know what a gamepass is, I was asking what YOUR gamepasses were for.

I explained it in post number 3. It said, it’s for the weapon purchases for a Sci fi game. I didn’t want it to be in the main lobby.

Do you have any code we can work from?

No I do not, I just wanted a idea of how it’s done. I seen many games that when they buy a gamepass in a game and it shows up in the actual game. I want no full code.