How to keep a perfect square frame inside a flexible size parent frame?

The main problem is: how to keep the same proportions of frames on screens of different sizes? For that, I use Scale for everything.

Here is an example with a parent and a child frame, both of the same Size.Scale:

However, if I need a perfect squared child frame I cannot use Scale, as its size will be influenced by the parent frame. In this case, I have to use Offset:

But here’s the problem: offset won’t allow the parent frame to resize the child square:

So, what do I have to do to keep a square frame inside a flexible size parent frame?

Use SizeConstraints.
Read more here:
You might have to tinker around with the Scale for it to look correctly.

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I didn’t get that.
Could you show me how with this project?
square.rbxl (29.8 KB)

square2.rbxl (29.9 KB)
Here ya go, there’re two perfect squares, one uses RelativeXX while the other uses RelativeYY. They both make a perfect square but each behave different when you scale the parent frame.


You can use a UIAspectRatioConstraint and set the aspect ratio to 1.


That’s perfect, thank you very much!