How to keep momentum if you touch the ground?

hey people, i had a random idea about a game and it involves grappling guns. i have managed to make a grapple gun but i have a slight issue; i would really like it if after using the grapple gun, if you touch the ground you keep your momentum instead of it instantly going away, this would make people use the grappling gun for momentum and would make it more useful. does anyone know if there is a setting or script i can use for this?

also i think it might keep some momentum but is there a way to adjust this?

Definitely the answer will be to not use Humanoids as there is no property for floor friction and air friction which causes the loss in momentum.

So the answer will be to use another controller or make your own:

probably too stupid to understand/or make this but i’ll look into it lol

the first one looks interesting

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