How to keep momentum while in the air

I am developing a momentum-based game, but I found that x and z movement in the air completely stops when the player does not hold any movement keys. I would like to stop or counteract this movement prevention. The simpler the solution is, the better.

I have looked all over the forums but none of the solutions I have found have worked for me and what I am trying to achieve.

I would probably disable/replace core movement scripts and use LinearVelocity to move the Character. Make the velocity applied from movement constant and have it only degrade/stop when no keys are held IF the player is not on the ground. You can track when they are on the ground using the HumanoidStateType or otherwise by using a ray beneath the character to check when it is 1+ studs off the ground.

If you want to keep the core movement script and not interfere with it, you may be able to apply the LinearVelocity only when the player is in the air and stops holding movement keys to keep the force going. This may prove more difficult than the above option, and provides less freedom for you to design the movement how you want to. If I remember correctly, this game did exactly as I suggested in the first paragraph by using BodyMovers to control the movement of the character rather than Roblox core scripts.


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