How to keep my train from derailing?

Hello, I have a train controlled by a script setting the vehicle seat’s throttle to 1 and I am wondering what I could do to force the train’s z axis inward both ways and still keep the train’s wheels straight and not derail. Any suggestions?

make your wheels have the ‘glue’ surface if its physics based because it will add more adhesive force hence lessening the probability of your train derailing.

Your train uses physics, so it can derail.
I recommend using tween service and cframe.

If you want to prevent it from derailing you need to change the custom physical properties. Increase the density of the wheel parts and decrease elasticity, and increase “ElasticityWeight” to 100. Then, your train will no longer bounce.

Glue is obsolete now. Surface types are deprecated. You should not be using them.
Additionally, this will prevent the train from moving.

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Well, the train behind the first train in the video is a cframe train, the reason I am using physics is because the wheels automatically rotate depending on speed. I also do not know how to pause the train and have it contain torque (so it doesn’t instantly stop) or how to make it less glitchy. Along with all of that it is INCREDIBLY laggy. Here is a video of the two systems, the one on the left with alot of train cars is the CFrame train.

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robloxapp-20221021-1927421_Trim.wmv (1,7 MB)

You will see how the Wheels are also turning up and down and not just to the right and left, use also Hinge to do that, thanks to one guy he helped me how to do it.

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All things can be calculated like wheels turning according to speed, but if you want to use physics, then you have to play with the properties of the train like weight, friction… I don’t know exactly how to do it exactly, because I immediately switched to tween service because it is more stable, even if it has errors as already mentioned. I just wonder why the train has to go up so fast. :thinking:
theoretically, you should put an auxiliary at the wheels of the train: