How to keep only 1 sized size change?

So I want to make money “Bigger” depending on how much you pull out, So I have this, which is 10000000 “Cash” but it goes both ways, is there way way to pull some f3x type of work to make it 1 sided size difference?

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Please maintain your threads. You have a duplicate question here:

If not a duplicate, they’re relatively similar. Asking a specific question as opposed to a vague one would help out a lot for keeping the category tidy. Even though it’s not.

-- Money Tool Resize Example by Quoteory

local MoneyValue = 50 -- amount of money we set 
local SizePerMoney = 0.01 -- the size that will be increased per money/dollar

local Tool = script.Parent
local MoneyPart = Tool.Handle -- handle inside of a tool
local OriginalGripPos = Tool.GripPos -- Original GripPos of the tool
local OriginalSize = MoneyPart.Size -- OriginalSize

function UpdateSize() -- Resizes based on Original Size so we don't end up having parts with inaccurate sizes
	local SizeIncrease = MoneyValue * SizePerMoney -- math to get the amount of size increase we want
	--[[Bonus (if you want to limit the size that can be added you can do)
		local SizeIncrease = math.clamp(SizeIncrease, MINSIZE, MAXSIZE)
	MoneyPart.Size = OriginalSize +, SizeIncrease, 0) -- increases the Y size based on SizeIncrease Variable
	Tool.GripPos = OriginalGripPos +, SizeIncrease/2, 0) -- sets the tool GripPos Y to half of the SizeIncrease Variable
		you can change the resize direction by moving it to a different axis
			Resizes left to right (X axis)
			MoneyPart.Size = OriginalSize +, 0, 0)
			Tool.GripPos = OriginalGripPos +, 0, 0)



function AddMoney(Amount) -- adds money and calls UpdateSize() function
	MoneyValue = MoneyValue + Amount

while true do -- just a test loop add money

QuoteoryResizeExample.rbxl (16.4 KB)

I made this with your previous thread in mind because resizing a tool handle part and a regular part are different

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Alright, I will go and test this right now.

anyway you could make it update on equipped, and make it full as should be instantly.


I provided an example it’s up to you to edit it to your needs

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