How to keep retention in my game?

Hello everyone,

So my game Helium Battle Simulator has been public for a little while now, and i have undergone a few game icon changes to see how people like the game. From what i can tell i get a decent click rate for the small robux spent on the sponsor, about .243 CTR, but the retention is like 5 minutes.

I have added various new game mechanics, rewards and other features to the game, but i still dont know whats wrong. I would appreciate any tips, tricks or any feedback on how i could make this game more retentive for players. Link below.

Maybe start with a tutorial or guide when you join the game. Even after looking around a little, I’m having some trouble understanding what I need to do and where I need to go.

Edit: One thing I noticed is how slow the gun fired at enemies, it can get pretty tedious in the beginning so maybe making the firerate a little faster could help.

And finally, players play if other players are already playing. Most people tend to stay in game when they see others with them, myself included. So the more players you retain, the more success you’ll have.


Thank you for the feedback. What would you change to make the understanding of what to do easier?

If you’re up to it, at least add some arrows that point you in the right direction and maybe some instruction when you first join.

Thanks, i was thinking on added quests. Would that help?

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Mhm! Just something to keep the players on yk!

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