How to keep static pixel distance from borders when resizing frame

I have this GUI

The width of the players list will be resized by scripts to cover the right side as well. There is one issue though, when increasing the width the space between the avatar icon and the left border as well as the one between the invite button and the right border will change. How can I make them keep the same distance from borders even when resized?

Use a UIPadding Instance with offsets.

That worked for the player avatar and username but not for the button.


The UIPadding in ChangeMembership is applying to Button and not to the parent frame.

I might be missing some stuff since we don’t know the overall structure of you’re GUI in properties, but is there anything wrong with putting the UIPadding in the PlayerTemplate itself (which I assume is the parent). Since i think you’d need to put it there to make it consistently sized toward the parent.

Here’s a quickie to mimic your stuff, and this uses the UI padding in the parent rather than the child.



Here’s the rbxm if you want to see it for yourself:
List Paddings Thing.rbxm (17.1 KB)

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