How to keep the aspect ratio when manually changing the scale of a part?

Currently, if I want to set a part to a precise Size, I have to make manual calculations.
For example, I have a part with the current size (2, 1.152, 3).
I want to change the X axis to 2.4.
So I have to manually calculate Y (and Z) manually with a rule of three: Y = 2.4 x 1.152 / 2 = 1.3824.

Is there a way to automate this?

If you mean like to scale t screens? Theres a couple plugins for that.

You can hold shift while resizing a part which locks the aspect ratio size as you resize it.
Say your part’s X = 4 and you wanted it to be X = 8 then you could change the stud precision to 4 which would make it lock into 8.

That’s not a better solution since the studs configuration will be fixed for all objects, and also I have to make these changes every time for every scale, also I have to use mouse…
Is there a way to Studio automatically calculate another axes when I change one VIA KEYBOARD (to keep aspect ratio)?