How to know if a player teleported via teleport service, or the website

I am wondering how would my scripts know if a player joined through teleport service or the roblox website? I need this information to save time for the player in joining back to the main menu.

Game Match Ends ----> Teleport To Main Menu
Player Joins ----> If Player Is From Teleport Service -----> Skip Loading
Player Joins ----> If Player Is Not From Teleport Service ------> Load

At first, an idea was to use messaging service to communicate between the places but I’m wondering if there’s a different way.

Any solutions are appreciated.

(If there’s already an existing topic about this please link me it.)


If you use the standard :Teleport() you can send local player data as one of the parameters


Thank you so much! You’re a lifesaver!

There is no “official” way to determine this. @xuefei123’s solution is somewhat of a workaround and can fail if a client calls teleport with spoofed data.

The only real method for checking player teleport arrivals is LocalPlayerArrivedFromTeleport. As the name suggests though, it only checks when the LocalPlayer arrives.