How to know if decal got denied or still being reviewed

I am not sure where to post this but

I have an an image which i want to put on a tool but I am not sure if it got accepted or denied
Basically this instantly showed up
Error while loading thumbnail for "Images/coffee": HTTP 403 (Forbidden) - Studio

Did it got denied instantly or something??

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Wait a couple of days. It gets reviewed by a Roblox staff member and could take up to a week sometimes.

It got denied. My guess is the name, “Coffee”, threw it off.

What you can do to fix it: Open it up in any photo editing software, and change just 1 pixel, so the bots won’t recognize it. Then, name it something super generic, like “Art”. If it gets denied once more, you know something else is throwing it off, something in the image.

An even better solution: Submit the photo for review by roblox staff, so they can un-moderate it, and let it pass. Hope this helps

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