How to know if game has fully?

I checked the whole DevForum and found out that

repeat wait() until game.ContentProvider.RequestQueueSize == 0

workes for the Client to know when the Game has fully loaded.
But i need something to know in the Server Side.
Does it also work when i put this in the Server with game.PlayersAdded?

The server has everything loaded already; it’s where the client gets all it’s stuff from.

What exactly are you trying to do with PlayerAdded?

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That was what i thought, so i use PlayerAdded to know when the Players accesoiries has loaded and then send a remote event to the replicatedfirst and that will finish the loading screen.

But i also want to know when the game Details (Maps) has loaded for the player.
I want that the Player can spawn Vehicles after the Game has loaded and the Player is in the Table (Where Players are who finished loading).

Lets say it takes 1 min to load the game, and the player cheats and sends a remote event to the server that the game is loaded, he can then spawn cars but the cars will stuck, because the Game is not fully loaded, thats because i wanted to make the Loading on the Server Side. Is this possible?

No, it’s not possible to do without the client telling you when it’s done loading.

Everything you try will require trusting the client in some way.

If you really want to know when the client is done loading, go with the remote idea. Just design your game so that if someone does send a fake “I’m done” message, it may result in a bad or broken game for them, but won’t let them cheat other players or ruin other peoples games.

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Okay thanks for your help!