How to know When someone is hovering over a Message in Text Chat

Hey developers! This might seem like a silly qustion, or “why would someone want to do this” moment, but I am making a System where I am using TextChatService (Using Textchat and not legacy Chat Version)

All I want to know, is to see if its possible to know if the player is hovering over a Chat message, and what the message is.


Is this possible. If so how could I do it? (I’m also willing to try things too!)

Any and all help is much appreciated!

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Not currently possible as it’s located in CoreGui.

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And I get that, but is there other methods, such as getting the Gui by Mouse position etc? I’m trying to use the default chat for my purpose and so making a custom chat isn’t an option for me.

I don’t believe that function returns CoreGui objects. There is not currently a way to do this.

There’s some complicated math if you want to try doing it yourself, but that is far beyond me.