How to learn API and COMPLEX Programming in the most efficient way?

Hello Developers,

So I wanna know about learning Apis and Complex Programming,
I wanna know what tips there are to get much better at it.

I’ve had some problems with ROBLOX Api and understanding different things on it and I wanna know how to get better at Reading API, Knowing how to use it, Developing my way of knowing what the different things do.

About Complex Programming, I wanna know what’s the most efficient way of learning to do Complex Programming cause I have a hard time learning it and I wanna get much better… I’ve tried looking it up on the Internet, but hardly find anything that can help me out.

I’m not sure how many years experience I’ve had, so I can’t really tell how good I am already and haven’t finished any games with programming it.

The only game I helped finish was Restaurant Tycoon 2, but that was Design, UI, Translation, Building, 3D Modelling and making videos for it.

Hope to get some amazing help! :smiley:

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Learning API usually just involves reading. Most API is well documented so you can just search it up whenever you need to. As for “complex programming” I don’t quite know what you mean. If you want to get better at programming you just have to keep doing it; all the “complex” parts eventually become simpler as you become a better problem solver.


What I mean about Complex,
is that there’s some things which are like.

Creating Pets,
Creating Good Scripts that aren’t bad,
Creating Scripts only with Module Script,
Creating Placement Systems,
Creating Secure games to make sure Exploiters doesn’t destroy
the game etc.

Like I said, it’s about being able to identify what you want to do and break it up into smaller pieces you can handle.

“Good scripts that aren’t bad” is pretty arbitrary, but good practices are picked up over time and experience. It’s good to have others review your code too. The more people reviewing the higher chance you’ll get some good feedback.

Using only ModuleScripts is… a bit of a pitfall. Only use modules when it makes sense to, like code that’s going to be reused a lot or for categorizing large amounts of code doing similar things.

I’m not sure what placement systems are, but if you mean like placing/rotating objects, the devhub has some starting tutorials on it you can build up from.

About creating secure games, the best way to do so is to center your game around the players that are actually going to be spending their time playing and enjoying it, and scripting it by thinking like the exploiter that’s going to try to mess with it.



But what if you feel like you are stuck at a place and you can’t seem to find any people that can help you out and doesn’t understand what you are trying to do?

I’ve had those problems before, and I had to give up on what I was doing…

Not really a fun experience, and what if you can’t at all fix a script and you aren’t allowed to have the other player to script that tiny bit you are missing but you can’t at all fix it or doesn’t know how.


If you need support solving something or having others go over your code, you can post your specific questions here under Scripting Support or working code under Code Review.


My real question what is the difference between these and standard programming alone.