How to light the text?

Hi, I’m shieldmr3. I’m a scripter and developer.

I have a part where I have text on it, but the text is so dark and I can’t really see it. So how can I light that text? The part is invisible.

I would really appreciate it if you can help me, thank you!


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On the SurfaceGui, you need to set the LightInfluence to 0
Right here ^, its set to 0

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Its already set to 0, and it’s a SurfaceGui, so I don’t know how it really works.

I think this would come directly to mind:
Put a PointLight inside the part or in an invisible part near the part. It will light it up

I already did that, but as my game uses Future Lighting, its not working, but thank you for your answer tho!