How to limit one car a person, if attempted it despawns last and spawns new

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    I’m trying to achieve this simple car spawner to limit to one vehicle a person, and if the person already spawned a vehicle then tries to spawn another. It shall despawn the last one, and respawn a new one.
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    I can’t figure out how to produce what I want.
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    Yes I did, the solutions I saw did not help me with my script.
		local Mod = game.ServerStorage.Cars.MRAP
		local clone = Mod:clone()
		clone.Parent = workspace

Mainly I couldn’t find out how to detect if the player already spawned a car.

You probably want to have a local script which checks when a vehicle is spawned.

Then you will want to fire a remote event which gets handled by the server (where the vehicle will eventually be spawned).

One idea could be to have a dictionary in the server script (which uses key, value pairs), maybe you could store players and their spawned vehicle -nil if they haven’t got a spawned vehicle.

Then all you would have to do is whenever a player attempts to spawn a vehicle, do a check to see if they currently have a spawned vehicle in this dictionary and destroy it if so and spawn the new one.

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