How to load all player accessories

Basically what the title asks, I have LoadCharacterAppearance disabled in StarterPlayer so that the player gets the blocky r15 rig, but I am wondering how I can load the accessories on the player’s avatar (since LoadCharAppearance removes all accessories.) Any help is appreciated. Thanks
This might be able to help you !

This does not work for loading the accessories, what else should I do? I have tried just setting the char’s bodypart meshes to be the blocky r15 meshes but I don’t have permission to modify the player’s character apparently.

Can’t you just get the player accessories and then copy them in the player model?

Well, the accessories never will load in because LoadCharAppearance is disabled.

Ah, yeah forgot that…
I dont know man I’ll try to find something.
I’ll let you know!

You can try to design the character with the accessory, then set the player character into the design character.

You can use this to get a HumanoidDescription and run :GetAccessories() on it to get all of the accessories that the player is currently wearing.

local des = game:GetService("Players"):GetHumanoidDescriptionFromUserId(id)

Now I don’t know whether you want only accessories to apply or their whole outfit.