How to "lock" scrollingframe to the bottom?


I’m having a little issue here in which if users enter enough commands into the console, their ScrollingFrame will be locked to the top, it should stay at the bottom similar to how Roblox’s chat works.


I can’t seem to find anything, I know @Alvin_Blox achieved that with his chat system … I think you’re supposed to just code it. :pensive: I’m gonna look DEEPER into this

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I’ll try to look for it, right now you could just set the position to the bottom once a message is sent;

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I don’t think this is it, but I found this topic and this reply; I’m not sure at this point if this is related? No one seems to talk about it;

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I think you need to adjust the CanvasPosition as each message is sent. Pretty sure there is no other solution.

I can try to help aswell if you haven’t achieved your result yet. Although, I would need the video-tutorial where you based your ‘command console’ from. This really isn’t nessesary for you to do so, but it would get me closer to giving you a closer result to what you want to get done :slight_smile:

… and I don’t believe my reply from that topic is what you are looking for. Good find @LucasTutoriaisSaimo tho!

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I found something which is setting the scrolling position to 0,0,1000000,0 each time a message/command is sent which seems to work for the most part, though if you have any better suggestions I’m open to hearing them.

I didn’t use any tutorial. My main inspiration was the Bloxburg one.

…setting the scrolling position to 0,0,1000000,0 each time a message/command is sent which seems to work for the most part

That works :slight_smile:

If for some reason you need other ways to do it, here they are:
[ [ [ Reader Notes: I will refer to ‘ScrollingFrame’ as ‘Scrolly’ to shorten the length of the name :slight_smile: ] ] ]

Possible Solution #1 - Just the right amount

Sorry for the image quality…

Explanation: CanvasPosition is interested only in the pixels hiding the extra scrollable space. Subtracting the [ CanvasSize.Y.Offset ] with the Scrolling Frame’s [ AbsoluteSize.Y ] (which already comes in pixels / offset) will leave you with the remaining pixels that hold the remaining space that can’t be seen; you’re taking away the space which the Scrollin Frame takes from the screen, and just keeping the extra pixels it uses to keep its scrollable content.

Possible Solution #2 - Just the size

Formula: No formula needed here.

Explanation: [ CanvasSize ] will always be bigger than the [ CanvasPosition ], you can use this to your advantage. Just set the [ CanvasPosition ] of your Scrolly to be the same as Scrolly.CanvasSize and Roblox will automatically set it to the max size it can be within the Scrolly’s CanvasSize.

( Look at the ’ Code: ’ image to see how you should write it )

Possible Solution #3 - Simple

…setting the scrolling position to 0,0,1000000,0

Setting the [ ScrollingPosition ] to a high number just as you did works just as ’ Possible Solution #2 - Just the size ’ does.

… Those are all the ways I can think of as of now. There will most likely be more ways to do one thing, but I hope one of those helps you, or someone else.

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