How to lock the rotation to one axis?

Is there any way to replicate cylindrical constaint without the limit on movement and only apply the rotation?
All the other solutions I’ve found use cframes and stuff which not work for my situation as I need to use roblox physics to my advantage and reduce clipping.

oki thx byee

What do you mean by a CylindricalConstraint’s limit of movement?
If you change the CylindricalConstraint | Roblox Creator Documentation to Motor, Servo, or None it changes how the hinge works.
Motor = spins in a direction as specified.
Servo = tries to reach an angle.
None = moves only if another force is trying to rotate it.

The problem for me is that cylindrical constraints restrict movement on the x and z axis for position

I wanna achieve the effect of only being able to turn side to side locking the x and z axis for orientation while giving free movement to the target part.

My goal is to replicate how a roblox character moves and I got basically everything down besides the part where they can fall over and lean side to side which can be fixed by locking the orientation for those axis.

Hope this clears up some stuff. C:

How about a BallSocketConstraint | Roblox Creator Documentation?
Or any combinations of the other Mover Constraints | Roblox Creator Documentation?

oki I can try ball socket out tommorow C:

Ok I think I solved it. I handled the character’s rotation using align orientation. I made one to handle rotating because of the camera and another one with the exact same properties but with PrimaryAxisOnly and RigidityEnabled to handle the axis locking

here’s the properties of the 1st one

and the properties for the other one is the same with the modifications I said.

oki thx byee