How to low or change one client's sound?

I am making a skill that turns down the sound of a target, making it deaf, but I have no clue in how to do this. It could be a simple way to allow the user to turn down the sound ingame too.

And also if not asking too much, is it possible to put a Sound Effect in all the sounds heared by the one’s client?

If you are referring to a stealth skill, you should lower the player’s sounds from the server side, that way they will be quieter to everyone else.

Instead of inserting SoundEffects into every sound on a client, you should consider adding all the player’s sounds to a SoundGroup. Any sound effect that is a descendant of the sound group will be applied to all the sounds in that group.

no, i want a client to not heat anything, I dont want this client not to be heard

Use :FireClient() with a remote event maybe?

er… what i want to know is what to put inside the function

Get every sounds and make the volumes 0.

For example:

local Event = game.ReplicatedStorage.Event

for i, v in pairs(soundfolder:GetChildren()) do
  if v.ClassName == "Sound" then
          v.Volume = 0


This has to be in a local script.

In the server (the skill script) FireClient the event to the Target

local Event = game.ReplicatedStorage.Event


Is this possible to do with “RespectFilteringEnabled” on in the soundService?

I honestly don’t really know about sounds and stuff, Do some research.