How to lower waypoint position when pathfinding?

Hi, I’m making a pathfinding npc using ComputeAsync() from the npc’s torso to the target’s torso. However the npc is small, and the waypoints seem to be created above it. I believe this is causing a problem where the npc is attempting to walk over parts its too short for. I’ve tried messing with the agent parameters but this didn’t help.

Please let me know if there’s a way to fix the positioning


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I think if you lower the HipHeight property of the humanoid, it might fix it.

This doesn’t change the height of the waypoints, only the humanoid’s model

Not sure if this would work considering I don’t know what your code currently does, but if your waypoints are stored in a table, you could try something like this:

for i,v in pairs(waypoints) do
     v.Position =, v.Position.Y - 2, v.Position.Z)

This would loop through every waypoint and lower its position by 2 studs (change the stud amount depending on how much is needed). Again, I don’t know how your code works, but if the waypoints are stored in a table or can easily be placed in a table, this code might do the trick.

You said that changing the AgentHeight parameter didn’t work right?