How to Make a Accept Group Join Request

So Im working on a system that clicks a button, it joins my group. I know i have to use noblox.js together with The problem is, I dont know how to do that. Can someone provide a example of that javascript code.

Note: I know i have to use a .ROBLOSECURITY Key

If you can help me its a pleasure!


Joining a group using Roblox API: Groups Api.
Accepting someone to a group using noblox.js: noblox.js Global
Getting join requests using noblox.js: noblox.js Global

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I’m confused here, are you asking for something that joins a group on button click, or are you looking for something that accepts them to a group?

If you’re asking for someone to click a button and it automatically joins your group, that won’t be possible unless they provide you there .ROBLOSECURITY cookie and a few other things, which I don’t think is reasonable for someone to ask for.

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dont worry about he button that will be in my game

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What is the expected outcome of the button? Just want to make sure I’m 100% clear here on what you mean.

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to join my goup with the use of http service using the noblox api

To my knowledge, Noblox doesn’t have a functionality to actually join a group. You could go the route of when you press the button, it sends to and then that makes a request to Groups api, but you’ll run into issues with captchas doing that.

the group is private and what the bot does is accepts the member in the group

Why would you even want to do this? just tell people to join the group.

This is going a bit overboard, did you implement a Defense System at all for people’s .ROBLOXSECURITY?

FWIW: if you can afford to wait, Open Cloud should support group management APIs in the future so you wouldn’t need a cookie to get this done. You would just need to set up a credential that has access to the groups API and then execute your requests there. No telling how far off that is though.