How to make a autocorrect system?

Hey devs!
I’ve seen many different companies make text auto correct system, and I was wondering how do I make it in roblox? So if any of you know, please leave an answer

(Yes i’ve tried to get a word api but can’t find a good one)

Are you talking about filtering? (Censoring Words)

No like if you spell “somone” it will autocorrect to “Someone”

What is the scope of this autocorrect system? Is it supposed to work with an entire dictionary, or a smaller set of words? And how intelligent should it be?

Autocorrect relies on an AI, but instead of training and building one to suit your need you need a good API. I see that you’ve tried to find an API, if so, which APIs have you tried so far? Try an API called “Perfect Tense” for me and see if gives you a good result. If not, you could always use an autocorrect Python library and host your own API for it.

What about:

Get all the letters in the text then use a external website to find a word that has all/similar letters.

text: keng, mokey

best options:

  • king

  • kong

  • monkey

it might be a problem using too many http requests, what if the message is sent the text is valued

I’d like to guess that some simple AI rely on that; they find the similarity metric of the word or words in a sentence from a dictionary of words and replace them with the correct ones… however I’d like to guess that most autocorrect systems don’t simply rely on a similarity metric because a misspelled word might actually be a correct existing word, but the AI knows to give you the most likely result based on the entire context of the sentence. If you want to get rid of worrying about httprequest limits, I’d write an import script that returns a dictionary of words and then write my own AI that has been trained to give you the most common word. Using an AI autocorrect system built-in within Roblox would be slower than having the sentences processed externally (or I assume this to be the case), and if you import a dictionary into Roblox you’d almost have to store it in memory, not in a DataStore because then you’d have to worry about DataStore request limits.