How To Make A Battlepass System Like BedWars

You can write your topic however you want, but you need to answer these questions:

  1. I want to make a battlepass like bedwars.

  2. I do have a way to add points, just not emotes and skins.

  3. I have tried using @Sub2HTR 's How to Make a BATTLE PASS in ROBLOX! - YouTube. But it did not work.


You would have to make a IntValue which you would then listen to see when its value is changed. When it is you would see if newValue > requiredAmountForReward, and if it is you would reward it to them however you want to. To hold the reward milestones you can make a module to look back on in your script.

Hopefully this helps you with awarding the rewards, sorry I can’t type out the entire code right now!

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Thank you! However, I do not understand module scripts much, so how would I do that?

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Keep in mind that I’m writing this on mobile and this might not look pretty :sweat_smile:

First when setting up your module script you would make it look sort of like this:

local module = {
   [1] = {Level = 5, Item = “Car”, Redeemed = false};

return module

Then you could go in another script and call that value inside the module script by requiring the module and going through the hierarchy.

local coolModule = require(PathToModule)

—now assume this code is inside a event that 
—fires when the players IntValue is changed.

if newValue > coolModule[currentLevel].Level then
— find coolModule[currentLevel].Item 
—and change the redeemed value to true 
—so that you know they have redeemed it.

Hopefully this explains everything a little more in depth :wink:


Thanks mate! I’ll be sure to look into this!