How to make a block disappear and reappear at a certain time?

Currently making a prison in a game. I am wanting to make the doors open and unopen at certain times and it closing at them.

I have tried this script.

Local GameTime = Game.Script.TimeScript

When game.Time.12:00:00 = true then


if game.Time.12:00:00 = false do

game.Workspace.Door1(function(destroy) = false

When game.Time.17:00:00 = true then

game.Workspace.Door1(function(create) = true

if game.Time.17:00:00 = false do

game.Workspace.Door1(function(create) = false


So, this is pretty hard to do but I am really having difficulties making this script.

Does anyone know how this system works? I am starting to feel like I cannot do this. I know some prison games have this system but I just don’t know how they do it.

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Why not just have it so at a certain time, you set it at transparency + cancollide? Or am I missing what you’re trying to do here?

local Lighting = game:GetService(“Lighting”)
local Hour = 12
local Mins = 0
local Night = script.Night.Value – I used a BoolValue called ‘Night’

function Time(Player)

Mins = Mins + 1

if Mins >= 60 then
	Mins = 0		
	Hour = Hour + 1
		if Lighting.ClockTime >= 18 or Lighting.ClockTime < 6 then
			if Night == false then
				Night = true
				--- Put your code here
		elseif Lighting.ClockTime >= 6 or Lighting.ClockTime < 18 then
			if Night == true then
				Night = false
				-- Put your code here
	if Hour > 24 then			
		Hour = 0			

game.Lighting.TimeOfDay = Hour .. ":" .. Mins .. ":" .. 0




Hey!! I 100% understand that it’s difficult to script for starters.

:frowning: I’m sorry to say that a lot of your script has errors but I’m happy to help & explain! :heart:

local Lighting = game:GetService("Lighting") -- This is where you can get Lighting values.
local Door1 = workspace:WaitForChild("Door1") -- This will be "Door1" in "Workspace"

function onUpdate() -- This will be used when the "ClockTime" property is changed. (see code below, connecting this function.)
	local ClockTime = Lighting.ClockTime
	if (math.floor(ClockTime) < 17) then -- If its not 5PM, remove the brick (temporarily).
		Door1.Parent = nil
	elseif(math.floor(ClockTime) >= 17) then -- If it is & is over 5PM, show the brick.
		Door1.Parent = workspace
Lighting:GetPropertyChangedSignal("ClockTime"):Connect(onUpdate) -- This function will execute every time "ClockTime" is changed.

onUpdate() -- When the script first executes, we have to make sure everything is up to date.

There are more ways of achieving what you need, this is just a rough script & it might not work as you want it to.

Here is a video of what this script does: