How to make a bodycam horror game

Hello, My name is stormmaster9090, and today I will give you a tutorial on bodycam horror games.

First off what is a bodycam game?
A bodycam horror game is a 3D game where the player is wearing a bodycam, the camera for the game is often centered around the neck or chest.

Video Quality

A bodycam will not have top tier video quality so you need to make the camera quality of your game lower. you can do this by using a viewport frame (I don’t recommend) instead you should use image labels and textures. Static Film Grain effect

Next up is the concept of your game

How the game should function

Ideally a bodycam horror game will have a bodycam like GUI for example: Axon Bodycams.
Your game should have a walk animation that keeps the bodycam for the most part centered and slightly buoyant. an example of a type of horror camera: LINK

How should the game function?

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In some of the bodycam horror games I have played and created it is important to set the theme in a way that a bodycam would fit in, Examples: Police investigation, Exploring a haunted house.

A horror game takes a lot of effort to create people play horror games to get scared! A good horror game should have the player wondering what will happen and on the edge of their seat. your horror game should have a monster of a demon or whatever that fits Into your map nicely, and the map should compliment the pathfinding of the Monster.


umm, what is second off?

any things / examples / .rbxls you are sharing?



not really updating this anymore so probably not going to share my body cam horror game rblx files