How to make a bone move with a part?

So, im trying to make a cape that 2 specific edges moves with the arms, something like the cape on the annexed picture, but i cant think of a way to make those 2 edges of the cape move along with the individual arms of the character, anyone has any ideas on how to do it?

Weight paint it. Parent the cape to the bones and have the arm bones influence the deformation of the cape. (I recommend googling it for further clarification~)

no you didnt got what i said
i want to fix the already weightpainted meshes to 2 moving points, those being the arms

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Im assuming you want an equipable cape. You already have a character, and a cape. Using layered(3d) clothing …

Afterwards make it into an accessory and place on your charater (given that your character uses a roblox-style rig)

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