How to make a bot that changes your role in a group?

I want to make a bot that can change someones rank in a group after they do something.
I tried to look on the dev fourm,youtube and still did not find anything. I would appreciate if you can give me some methods on how I can achieve this.

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There are many tutorials on the devform on how to do this. Some of them are: noblox.js, more can be found by just searching “Roblox Bot Tutorial” on here.

Take a look at this

Here is a link to the actual tutorial:

Thank you for the forums. I am going to check them now.

I don’t recommend using Glitch, because of this.

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It’s fine if you are a small group, you don’t have the money to be paying $5 a month for a vpn, and you code it right by storing stuff in the .env

No, that is easily avoidable because you can set the project to private, so nobody can remix or view the source code.

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You don’t need to pay for a VPN?

The problem is that all of my projects were set to private…

I didn’t know you could get them for free.

I believe that if you remix a project, anything that’s in the .env file will “reset”. Like, once I remixed one of my projets, and my Roblox cookie that was in the .env file. Like, it went from COOKIE=blahblabhlabh to COOKIE= . Are you sure that your cookie got stolen- :flushed:

Perhaps glitch has improved since then, but I don’t think it is currently possible to access a private project. I have tried myself.

I logged in and went to one of my private projects

(Note how “Make this Project Private” is set to true)

In order to remix a project, you would edit the URL to!/remix/[PROJECT NAME]. Clicking the remix button does this automatically, but you can do it manually as well.

I then signed out and went to the homepage


Then I entered the URL to remix the private project, and it didn't allow me to even view the contents. I also tried to edit the project (without the `/remix/` in the URL), and that yielded similar results.

This post was based off my experience. If anyone else knows I’m wrong for sure, please let me know.

You are correct, it does remove the values of the variables in .env, but leaves the variable names.

As you can see here, the value is empty.


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I know but it’s a warning for those who actually want to use Glitch for their other projects with code that’s not meant to be leaked ;-;